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Max Miller   1894-1963

The Pure Gold of the Music Hall


Max Miller, Britain’s top comedian in the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s was born in Brighton, England. He excelled as a stand-up comic playing in large variety theatres where his skill was such that he could hold an audience 'in the palm of his hand’. He also made films, wrote and sang his own songs.

Max was renowned for telling risqué jokes. He used innuendo and when on stage would woo his audience paying particular attention  to the ladies. Much of his material was too blue for broadcasting. The song, Let’s Have A Ride on Your Bicycle was banned by the BBC until it became too popular and public opinion forced the Corporation to lift the ban.

Maxie sampler

The Max Miller Appreciation Society

The Max Miller Appreciation Society was established in January 1999 in Brighton to celebrate its hero Max Miller, the Cheeky Chappie. It has over 250 members world-wide and is proud to be supported by an array of esteemed celebrities. For further information go to MMAS PAGE.

Now booking for Piano Playtime at the Brighton Unitarian Church in New Road, opposite the statue.

Brighton Fringe box office or online

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