An aim of the Max Miller Appreciation Society is to bring back top quality variety reflecting the values of Max Miller’s time, that is no swearing just good wholesome entertainment.

The Society is proud to have presented a number of amazing shows and cabarets.

2002  Let's Make It Stand Up For Max - Theatre Royal, Brighton, Sunday, 24 November  - fund-raising variety show for the Max statue (video of show still available - see Shop page)

2007 Tribute to Variety at The Old Market on Sunday, 18th. November - variety show brought to the MMAS by the world famous Brick Lane Music Hall

2008 Tribute to Variety at the Pavilion Theatre, Brighton on Sunday, 13th April  - return of the Brick Lane Music Hall by public demand with a terrific new show

2008:  Ida Barr's Music Hall at the Pavilion Theatre, Brighton on Sunday, 23rd November at 3pm

2009:  Variety Showtime at the Pavilion Theatre, Brighton on Sunday, 22th November

2010: The Magic of Music Hall at the Komedia on Sunday, 21st. November

Produced by the Max Miller Appreciation Society, the show starred Paul Daniels and Andy Eastwood supported by Pat Nearney (the Norfolk Nut), John Ripley and the Cheeky Chappie Dancers with music by Michael Wooldridge on keyboard and Dean Morris on drums. Stage managed by Leslie Irons and Sheilah Olley

2011: The Amazing Variety Show at the Komedia on Sunday, 20 November

The Amazing Variety Show was truly amazing, the best show yet. Produced and starring Steve Hewlett the show included fun and laughter from Dame Lucy Bunn & Reg, international magician Romany, Tucker the cheeky comic and Patrina Johnson who charmed us with her beautiful singing voice and impressions and not forgetting the original Archie Andrews now over 50 but hasn't aged a bit.

(photos courtesy Peter Williams, collage design Brian Dazley)

2012: Steve Hewlett's Amazing Variety Show at the Dome Studio Theatre on Sunday, 18 November

Steve Hewlett has done it again, this time surpassing last year's show. A big show in a small theatre. An all star cast headed by Micky Zany - comedy spectacular; Helen Ward Jackson as Adele Tribute Show, Roy Charles - comedy magician; Arthur's Angels - Kerry & Katie choreographed by Nina Hewlett and brilliantly produced and hosted by Steve Hewlett.

2013: Strictly Showtime at the Komedia on Sunday, 17 November

Compered by Pat Nearney, this year’s show kicked off with the Brighton Lindyhop Dancers. Tucker, a firm favourite with the Society followed with his unique brand of humour..

Andrew Van Buren & Allyson  a  gold star performing member of The Inner Magic Circle and a member of The Grand Order of Water Rats showed us breathtaking magic and escapology releasing himself from a straight jacket. In the second half he returned with his amazing plate spinning act.

Julia Birkinshaw with her cool, contemporary jazz vocals thrilled us with great songs of the 1940s and 50s.

Adger Brown is a naturally funny man who supplied a stream of laughs. An active member of The Variety Club of Great Britain and a proud member of The Grand Order of Water Rats. The MMAS is rightly proud of this show that it had produced.


2014: ELSIE CRUMPET  & Friends at the Komedia on Sunday, 23 November

Full variety bill hosted by Elsie Crumpet (aka Karen Dalton) with Noel Brodie, a young laughter machine; Helen Ward Jackson returned by public demand; Paul Newton, the amazing mind reader; John Ripley, our very own Max Miller and the Savoy Kicks, four beauties who opened the first and second halves with their spectacular dancing. Show produced by Karen Dalton.